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Meet the youngest artist in the Czech professional country music scene. A singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Petr Kocman played along with Honza Vycital in the Greenhorns, the legendary and the oldest Czech country band, for 12 years. Since his early years, Petr has been invited as a special guest by top Czech country stars (i.e. Michal Tucny, Fesaci, Pavel Bobek, Very Martinova, Schovanky, Honza Nedved, Radek Tomasek, Lucie Vondrackova, Frantisek Nedved, Karel Cernoch, Rangers-Plavci, Tomas Linka and others). Petr has recorded more that 70 songs that can be found on approximately the same number of albums (see Discography). Both his performing style and musical feelings follow the principle "country is everything I like". Petr used to share this principle with his friend Michal Tucny, who was teaching and leading him to become his successor. In 2002 Petr founded the PK Band and started heavily touring with his successful "New Country Show". The concert show can be composed by requests or special demands of promoters and organizers. One option is a show performed in the Czech language consisting of original songs, mostly co-written by Petr alongside top songwriters such as Jan Vycital, Pavel Vrba, Jiri Vondracek, Hana Sorrosova, Petr Rada, Mirek Cerny, Michal Bukovic, Tomas Linka and others. Another option is a show in English featuring Petr's songs with English lyrics as well as famous rock, pop, oldies, southern rock and rock'n'roll covers by Petr's favorite bands and artists Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry, the Eagles, Little Richard, the Rolling Stones, Alan Jackson, Billy Ray Cyrus, J.J.Cale, the Beatles, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd and others.  

Petr often invites special guests (usually by promoters' reguest) to his show "Petr Kocman and Friends". These are Pavel Bobek, Yvonne Prenosilova, Karel Kahovec, Viktor Sodoma, Karel Vagner, Tomas Linka, Pavlina Jisova, Misa Tucna, Radek Tomasek, Vera Martinova, Zdenek Izer, Honza Nedved, Lucie Vondrackova, Allan Mikusek, Jiri Vondracek, Mirek Cerny, and Annie Rattlesnake, to name a few.  

The members of the PK Band have experienced various music genres from rock to jazz to funky to classical music to bluegrass. All these genres formed the very original sound of the PK Band. Petr Kocman and his Slovak friend and country star Allan Mikusek call this special sound "New Country".  

Petr Kocman and PK Band are:
  • Petr Kocman - vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, harmonica, mandola
  • Petr Slaby – electric guitar, background vocals
  • Lucie Kinská– bass guitar
  • Zdeněk Pospíšil – drums
  • Zbynek Bures – pedal steel guitar, banjo, dobro, backgound vocals
  • Jakub Pribyl – keyboards, background vocals